Save around £113 per year in running costs with a Smart Control dehumidifier

Smart Control is Ebac’s patented technology and eliminates constant manual adjustment, reducing running times and saving you money!

Humidistats are not an effective way to control damp and condensation problems

Smart Control is the biggest improvement to dehumidifier control systems in 50 years!

Every other dehumidifier for sale in the UK today uses humidistat control - but this is not an effective way to prevent condensation and damp problems. Humidistats are designed to reach a pre-determined humidity level and are best suited for unoccupied homes, extracting water after a flood or building work. 

In the UK, the weather and ideal relative humidity level can drastically fluctuate throughout the day - requiring a control system that intelligently adjusts rather than maintains a pre-set level. Smart Control takes regular readings throughout the day and only turns on when an increase of water is detected - either through the weather, or activity within the household such as cooking and showering. This allows Smart Control only to operate and extract water when required - making it more effective at controlling damp and condensation problems and saving around £113  in running costs each year! 

How much can I save with Smart Control?

Dehumidifiers with Smart Control typically run for around 12 hours, while humidistat-controlled dehumidifiers will operate for around 18 hours each day. The below table is based on 200 days of use each year with energy calculated at 0.28p per kWh.

Annual saving with Ebac

Watts per hour

Annual running cost

Ebac 3850e






Meaco 20




Meaco 25




Electriq 20

What is Smart Control?

Why Ebac?

Why should I buy an Ebac dehumidifier?

Market leading performance with the patented Smart Control technology, protecting customers and reducing the impact on the environment.

50 years experience

We are the only brand of dehumidifiers made in the UK for an uninterrupted 50 years.

Only dehumidifier with Smart Control

Ebac's patented Smart Control is the biggest improvement to dehumidifier control systems in the last 50 years.  

Condensation guarantee

Every Ebac dehumidifier comes with a condensation cure guarantee. In the unlikely event we cannot cure your condensation – we will give you your money back!

Made in the UK

The only range of dehumidifiers designed and manufactured in the UK for the unique British climate.

Which dehumidifier do you need?

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The amount of water it collected from the damp air was amazing. I loved its ease of use via smart technology. Just plug in, push the button and the machine does the rest. Also loved its reasonably quiet operation, can still watch tv whilst it’s running. I have a smart meter in my home so am able to monitor running costs. This to was extremely low and did not run up a huge bill. Delivery was very quick too. All in all, I am extremely happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it.

Sheila, TrustPilot Review

6th March 2022

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Ebac 2650e with Smart Control
  • 3 year warranty
  • Low energy
  • One-touch Smart Control
  • Ideal for homes with 3-4 people


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Ebc 3850e with Smart Control
  • 5 year warranty
  • Low energy
  • One-touch Smart Control
  • Laundry drying function
  • Ideal for homes with up to 6 people


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